Media Center » Media Center Policies and Procedures

Media Center Policies and Procedures

Hours of Operation

The media center will be open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

It is open for teacher, student, and parent use anytime within these hours.


Library Media Center Rules and Procedures


·         Listen and follow directions the first time.

·         Show respect for the media specialist and classmates.

·         Raise your hand to be recognized before speaking.

·         Read quietly and independently.

·         Follow school-wide rules.



·         Warning

·         Name given to the teacher.

·         Notification of parents

·         Removal from Media Center


Severe Disruption

·         Principal’s Office

·         Discipline note


Circulation Policy

Students use the homeroom scan list to check out materials. Most books and magazines are checked out for one week. Reference books are checked out overnight. Kindergarten students are limited to one checkout a week. All other students are limited to two checkouts at a time (exceptions are made for books assigned by a teacher or class). Students who have more than one overdue book will not be able to check out again until they return at least one book. To be sure students have fair access to the popular books in the media center, a book can be renewed only one time and only if no other student has placed it on hold. Replacement cost for lost or damaged books must be paid before you can check out more books.


Teachers may check out materials for as long as the material is needed. Equipment is generally checked out to teachers for the school year unless otherwise noted. Equipment, such as the mobile laptops, can be checked out on a per-project basis. Teachers who lose or damage materials should see the media specialist. Teachers may send students to the media center to check out materials for the teacher’s use.


Media Center Scheduling

The media center operates on a flexible schedule. That means teachers are free to block off time when they need it for a particular project or unit. A collaborative planning form and media center visit request form is available. You can use this to help us prepare for your class and their needs, or you can stop by and discuss the project with the media specialist prior to coming.