Parent Teacher Organization

The purpose of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
To enrich the quality of our children's education, assist our teachers in fulfilling their classroom objectives and bring together our families and school community through social activities and community events.

The 2016-2017 PTO Officers are:

President: Kathryn Meetze
1st Vice-President-Fundraising: Paula Ludwig
2nd Vice-President-Membership: Sherri Burgess
Secretary: Kathryn Meetze
Treasurer: Angie McInchok, Mandy Sherer
Volunteer Coordinator: Sally Brown
Teacher Representatives: Kayla Edrington, Terri Austin, Brooke Ebener, Elizabeth Dodson
Parent Representatives: Sarah Culver
Principal: Christopher Dickey
Assistant Principal: Marise Shumpert

Upcoming PTO events include:

February 6Guidance Counselor Appreciation Day
April 1PTO Yard Sale
April 4Librarian Appreciation Day

April 6
PTO Moe's Spirit Night
April 26

Parent Appreciation Day
April 26

Secretary Appreciation Day
May 1-5
Teacher Appreciation Day